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Montag, 2. September 2013

EA8/DM5HF/p 2013 - Here we go again!

Here we go again - the next two weeks I'll be QRV from the Canary Islands. Last year we travelled to Gran Canarias and I made several contacts in digimodes. For this year I have planned a similar activation of IOTA AF-004. Mostly I will be use also this year digimodes because it isn't as noisy as SSB. We will stay in a nice hotel so this fact will be really important - especially for our neighbors.

First time this year I'm going to take my Flexradio 3000 with me. In the last years I travelled only with a normal transceiver, the Yaesu FT-857d. From my point of view the Flex is temporally the best choice for running digital modes. There are less cables and connections which are making the daily setup at the one hand very easy and on the other hand less bugs can occur. Another advantage is the very wideband automatic antenna tuner which can bring down SWRs normally up to10. My antenna will be a wire groundplane mounted on fiber telescope. This telescope has a length of 6 meters while the package is very small with less than 50 centimeters. Between the antenna and the Flex I'm going to use 5 meters of Aircell 7 with clamp connectors. These connectors aren't cheap but very good for rough use. I'm not going to use a kind of balun. Only a RF-choke will be used after the GP which will be fed directly with coax. The connected radiator of my GP will be up to 10 meters long and I hope that I could install a kind of inverted L with the telescope. 

As human interface for the Flex I need a computer. Therefore I will be using a MacbookPro 13" which has also a small package. Because of its small dimensions it can be put easily in the normal room safe.

In summary I'm going to take with me the following equipment for the activation:
           Flexradio 3000
           Sharman Multicom SPA-8230 switching power supply
           MacbookPro 13"
           IPad 3 as second monitor (using the App AirDisplay)
           MH31 dynamic microphone
           some cables and wires
           Leatherman tool

Hope to catch you on the bands!

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